Friday, April 27, 2012

Our lovely men..... !!!

All my previous posts were for women. This one is for us too, but focus on men!

Over the time men were changing and also the hagemonic masculinity. It means that dominant masculinity is always changing. 50 years ago it was a man who was good in everything. He could ride on the horse, he was good in fights, he was inteligent - good in literature, he was good at dance..... Now we lives in 21st century we are really busy and our men do not have time for all this and nowadays we know new type of hagemonic masculinity. It is strong man, loving and romantic, which he can not to ride on horses or usually be good at dance, but he is ours!!! We live in post-modern society where man is no longer define as work which he does but also what does he wear, how does he looks like.

hegemonic masculinity popular in early 20th century
hegemonic masculinity popular in mid 20th century
hegemonic masculinity popular in late 20th century

 Nowadays we see more and more naked men in magazines and this brought the same problem for them, which women have had problems for centuries, their weight and how they look like and adonic complex were more popular: research said that 43% of man are unhappy because they are comparing with men in magazines, with his friends or with each other.

Bordo (2000) define two types of man: face - off masculinity and lean.
Face - off masculinity is man which is often seen in magazines without clothes with properly pumped up body. This is not a sexual. He just want to bee seen without clothes. ''Look at me!'' Also know as mesomorphic type of man's body.
Lean, on the other hand, is a man which is usually slimmer and this type of man is use for selling clothes.  Also know as ectomorphic type of man's body.
And we know third type of man, man who is fat and is not seen in magazines so often, usually just for a laught. Also know as endomorphic.